Nature of management

What is the nature of management

What is the nature of management?? On this question, there has always been a discussion about whether management is art or science or profession. Some say its art, some say its profession, others say it’s both science and art.

 Well in order to understand this we must first try to understand what is the nature of science art and profession, then compare the same with management

Management as a science

  1. Systematic body of knowledge

Science is a systematic body of knowledge meaning the theories are developed by observing and conducting experiments. In science, there are lots of books available which can help in accruing knowledge about science

  • Universal validity

The principles of science are universally valid Example the gravity is the same in Asia and Europe.

  • Continuous observation

The principles of science are development under observations and experiments conducted by scientists in their laborites and after successful tests. They are termed/called as scientific principles.

Now let’s compare management with science

  1. Systematic body of knowledge:

Management is also a systematic body of knowledge because in management there are various books and theories available on management.

 Lots of professors, Ph.D.’s have contributed to theories of management. It has taken time to study and analyze and then come up with theories or principles. Management has its own set of words and rules.

So we can say management is somehow related to Science.

  • Universal validity:

Principles of management (division of labor, unity of command) are universally applicable but they are not exact as science like in science Newton’s 3 law of motion stated …… but in management we deal with humans.

So, the principles of management are somehow different in every situation like higher salary motivated employees but it doesn’t always work sometimes employees are looking for better working environment.

  • Continuous observation

The principles of management didn’t suddenly drop down from sky. Principles of management were developed after various studies and observations were conducted and behavior of employees were observed in the organization. Then after a conclusion these principles were developed but again as we deal with humans and behavior of humans differ these principles don’t provide the same results.

Management as Art

To skillfully apply the knowledge, you already learnt to achieve the results is known as Art. In management good results depends upon how effectively you will apply your skills that you already know.

The features of art are:

  1. Systematic body of knowledge

In art there are various books available to acquire knowledge about a particular skill

Likewise, in management there are lots of books available which help to acquire knowledge about management. So this feature of art is present in management

  • Personalized application:

Only theoretical knowledge is not enough there should be some creativity and skills that artist should have in order to represent his art. Like dancers who learnt dance from same academy performs different according to their own skills and creativity.

Likewise, in management every manager has learnt same theory but application of the theoretical knowledge differs from each other.

  • Practice and creativity:

In order to perform better in future every artist needs to do regular practice to refine his skills.

In management managers can also increase their skills by undergoing on a training course

Conclusion: Management is having some features of both art and science. Thus we can management is art but not exact science because in science we deal with human behavior.

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