What is Meesho app and how does it work?

Meesho app was launched in December 2015 by two IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. Meesho is a reseller app which allows individuals or entrepreneurs to start their own small work from home business without any investment.

It is one of the companies which was selected by Y Combinator (its a seed funding company that has also launched top companies like Airbnb, Doordash, Instacart, stripe).

Meesho is a reseller platform where anyone can join all you need is smartphone and internet connection. And you can sell products on Whatsapp, social media’s and websites

On the Meesho app, you will find a variety of products to sell whether its fashion, beauty products, shoes, bags, kids’ clothing, kitchen stuff, and more.

In June 2019 Facebook invested $125 Million and hence Meesho became the first Indian startup to raise funds from Facebook (read more about Meesho)

How does Meesho app works?

Meesho is a dropshipping platform and you maybe be wondering what is a dropshipping platform?

Dropshipping is when a person or reseller sells products online without buying the products in bulk or keeping the stock in Warehouse.

In dropshipping, you have an agreement with the supplier that you will sell his products online and he will ship products directly to your customers from his own warehouse with your margin added and your brand name on the packing.

Meesho app also works in the same way. There are lots of trusted suppliers on meesho providing a variety of products that you can sell on the go without any formalities.


Lets understand it by an example:

Let’s say you start a t-shirt dropshipping business and you find a t-shirt for ₹240 on Meesho, you decided to sell this t-shirt online for ₹400.

When you will get the customer you will place the order on Meesho that is for ₹400. Meesho will collect ₹400 from the customer on delivery of the product and ₹400(Your price) – ₹240(Original price) = ₹160 your profit.

Learn how to sell on Meesho

Platforms where you can sell your Meesho products:

social media for meesho

Instagram and Facebook:

This app provides you the feature to sell your products on Instagram. As we know social media is the only place where people are most active throughout the day and night. Selling your products on social media like Instagram and Facebook can connect you to many customers.

You can do an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram and choose the right customers to sell your products.

Choosing the right audience is very important if you want your products to sell. You can’t sell wallets to girls and purse to boys.

That’s why Instagram and Facebook provides you the tools and features to target right audience and boost your sales

websites for meesho


This is one of the best ways to sell your products online with Meesho. Selling products on a website means you don’ have to deal with the customers like on Facebook and Instagram.

All you need is to receive order from customer.

You can promote your website on Social media with advertisements or Google ads. Whatever suits your business style.

whatsapp for meesho


Well, this is somehow a weird way to sell your products but this feature is still in the app.

It allows you to sell your products on WhatsApp but you won’t be able to generate a lot of sales as you can share your products on with the limited no. of customers or numbers saved in your device.

In the end, Meesho is the best platform for anyone who wants to generate some extra cash from home just by playing with your Smartphone.

Bedsheetswomen’s dresses
Jewellery setMen’s clothing
Beauty productsHandbags
Men’s and women’s watchesShoes for both men and women
WalletsKid’s dresses
Some top vareity products on Meesho app

I hope you like this article! Are there any other tips or places where you can sell your products? Please do comment and I would love to reply if there is any confusion about this topic. 🙂

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