Sell on Meesho for beginners: A step by step guide

One of the most profitable work from home business is to sell on Meesho. You can target your customers on different platforms like social media, Whatsapp, and more.

Meesho requires no investment at all. All you have to do is find the customer and Meesho will take off everything like packing and delivering products to them, with your brand name. (Read more on what is meesho and how it works).

Steps to sell on Meesho:

Just follow these simple steps to start selling products on Meesho

  1. Go to your mobile app store and download the Meesho application

After downloading the app then to sell on meesho you need sign up to create a new account

  1. After creating your account you will be on the home screen of Meesho and on the top use search bar or collections on the bottom to find the products you want to sell.
  1. Once you find the product you want to sell (in this example a T-shirt). Now you have two options here “share andshare Now
  • Share” means you can download the image of the product, you can share on Facebook and Instagram. “Share Now” simply means sharing on WhatsApp.

It depends upon you where you want to sell the product as long as you get the customers.

  1. Below the image of the product, you will find the Deal price or starting price which means the supplier/Meesho is providing this T-shirt for ₹ 217 as well as shipping charges and delivery time.
  1. Once I share the product with my margin on social media or any place where I will find customers. ( In this example on Instagram for Rs450).
  1. Let’s say I sell on Instagram and I got a customer he wants to purchase this t-shirt. I will go back to Meesho App and go to the Account tab and then to My shared catalogs( In My shared Catalogs you will find all the products you shared).
  1. Or another way of finding the products that you have shared is to use the code in the image, just search the code in the Meesho search bar and you will find the same product you shared.
  1. Then I will select the size according to what my customer asked for and hit Add to cart and press continue button then finally press check out.
  1. In check out window I will select the payment option in this example my customer wants COD (cash on delivery) and Proceed button.
  1. In the add margin window, I will put the total amount to be charged from the customer (in this example ₹271 was the price of the shirt on Meesho and I sell to a customer for ₹450) so I will put ₹450 as the amount and it will automatically show the margin you earned.

Then press proceed and in the next window press Add new address and provide the address of the customer and then finally Place the order.

And BOOM! That’s how easy it is to sell on Meesho.

I hope you like this article please share it with your friends and feel free to comment if you have any confusion regarding this guide.

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