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Management as a profession- why it’s not a profession.

Management as Profession – A profession is an occupation in which a person has knowledge and training about his occupation and there are restrictions for entering a particular occupation or profession, you need a degree or formal education.

Now there are certain features of occupation in management as well let’s discuss them in details:

  • Organized body of knowledge:

Every profession has an organized body of knowledge meaning they have their own theories, concepts, rules, and training.

In management, there is also an organized body of knowledge. In order to make management as a profession, a person can get training and learn about management from institutions like IIMs.

  • Entries are restricted:

In order to enter any profession, the entry is restricted by an exam or degree. E.g. CA’s need to go through a particular exam in order to become a CA.

 But in management, you don’t need a degree to become a manager. Irrespective of your degree, or knowledge you can be appointed manager if you have good skills.

  • Related to professional associations:

All professionals are related to some professional association e.g. CAs are associated with ICAI, lawyers are associated with Bar council, doctors associated with medical council.

These associations grant certification to professionals, regulate the profession. They have a code of conduct and all professionals are required to follow them.

As in Management (AIMA), the All India Management Association regulates management professions but it is not necessary to be the part of this association.

  • Code of conduct:

In every profession there is a code of conduct like Lawyers have to wear black while on duty, doctors are required to wear white. But in management no such thing is important.

 A manager is not abiding by any sort of code of conduct. A manager can work the ways he likes unless and until he is able to bring profits to the company

  •  Service motive:

In all professions like CA’s, Doctors, Lawyers provide the best service to their clients for fees. Their motive is to make sure their customer is satisfied.

But in management managers, the only goal is to earn profit for its business and keep his business going. But in today’s businesses due to huge competition businesses are focusing on providing the best service to their customers to attract them.

Conclusion: Not all features of the profession are available in management. So we can say management is not fully a profession.

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